Famous Dishes

Traditional Lebanese cuisine is known the world over and is famous for it's perfect blend of spices, seasonings and the way we prepare the food. At Pita House we continue the tradition and offer the same home-made flavors like back home. Come taste authentic Mediterranean dishes at the Pita House.

Delicious Shawarma

At Pita House we use the best quality meats for our shawarma.


Garbanzo & fava beans mixed w/spices and deep fried.

Baba Ghanoush

Baba ghanoush is made of eggplant blended with finely diced vegetables.

Meat Pies

Savory pastries filled with ground beef and lamb, onions and tomatoes.

Sunday Specials

Every Sunday we make a different in-house dish not on the menu for $14.99. Stop in and have Sunday lunch or dinner at the Pita House.

Fasolia w/rice

Fasolia is a simple yet succulent dish made with red beans, beef stew chunks, tomato paste and subtle Middle Eastern spices.


Beef Stew w/rice

“Batata ma Lahme w Riz” Lebanese potato and beef Stew over rice.


Okra w/tomato sauce

Whole baby okra stewed with chunks of beef and spices in a tomato sauce and served over rice.


Kousa Mahshi

Lebanese style squash stuffed with meat and rice then slowly cooked in tomato sauce.


Pita House Family

For over 20 years with his strong Mediterranean heritage, owner Charbel's Pita House originated with the idea that he could create healthy traditional delicacies from Lebanon for everyone to enjoy. He continues that tradition today at the Pita House in Las Vegas.